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Life-Saving Emergency Care Close to Home

You don't settle when it comes to life's important decisions: your home, your job, your education. So why settle when it comes to your family's health?

With several emergency rooms, Beaumont saves more lives, in more locations, than any other system in Southeast Michigan. Rest assured that the hospital closest to home provides all the care you need, with Beaumont doctors in every specialty standing by.

当您进入我们的门时,我们可以全天准备好提供非凡的护理。我们的医生和照顾者创造了一个safe and secure environment.

Beaumont is Michigan’s preferred destination for emergency care, providing access to:

  • Renovation, expansionand Level I trauma center at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak: Stuart H. Blanck Emergency Center is the only Level I trauma center in Oakland and Macomb counties. That rating means fellowship-trained doctors and other providers are always available, ready to provide complete care for any injury. A major renovation and expansion project was completed in February 2019, making the patient experience more private, more comfortable and more efficient, while maintaining extraordinary high-quality care.
  • LifeFlight of Michigan白天或晚上,我们的密歇根州生命可以将患者运送到皇家橡树的Stuart H. Blanck急诊中心的I级创伤中心。该服务可在该地区Beaumont或其他地区提供。最先进的救生护理只有几分钟的路程。
  • Advanced pediatric emergency care: All Beaumont emergency centers are equipped to provide care for children. At the Stuart H. Blanck Emergency Center in Royal Oak, we handle the most severe pediatric emergencies in a child-friendly environment. Top providers with pediatric emergency medicine training are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Children are routinely transferred here from across Southeast Michigan to get the care they need.
  • Accredited geriatric care:All Beaumont emergency centers provide compassionate, extraordinary care to seniors. Stuart H. Blanck Emergency Center at Beaumont, Royal Oak is one of just a handful of emergency centers in the state to prioritize care for the oldest and most vulnerable patients, achievingLevel 2 Geriatric Department Accreditationfrom the American College of Emergency Physicians.
  • More comfort, plus the latest technology:To serve a growing population, we have recently remodeled several of our emergency rooms to include larger and brighter waiting areas and upgraded technology. We plan to continue these efforts at additional hospitals to provide you with the best care possible.
  • Efficient care:Each of our emergency rooms offers programs to minimize wait times and get you the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

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CPR Classes

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